Monday, March 25, 2013

358 days until i SAH

8:30 am

Reason #7 to SAH: Snow days. Yesterday around noon the snow started. By 2:30 we probably had 2.5 inches. By 4:30 maybe 5. This morning, 8. All evening I fretted about putting my kids in the car and driving them on slick roads. I seriously considered calling in.

My husband drove us all this morning because I refuse to drive on snow and ice, wimpy I know. But that's just me. So I gathered my angels up at a quarter to six and dressed them in their snow suits, put them in the car that has been warming since 5:25, and drove to the sitters. THe sitter was out at five shoveling his driveway. So that was really considerate.

how nice it would have been to be able to stay at home warm and safe.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

360 days remaining

Oh wow, I just had a great day at home with my girls. It was good bonding time with my oldest. She's growing up so fast and watching her play is so amazing.

I was able to get alot of stuff done around the house. Lots of laundry. I got my kitchen cleaned and disinfected. I was able to dust my living room.

What is like to do before Monday is mop the rooms and clean and disinfect my bathroom

I'm really excited to be able to do this for a living. Only 360 to go.

Friday, March 22, 2013

361 days to go

Oh how I enjoyed my day today. I went ahead and got somethings ready for Monday morning.

I really enjoyed the day with my girls. I miss them so much during the week.

Lillian had a dr appt this afternoon and then we went to dinner with my patents.

I discovered that Dorothy is already building her career. Train engineer, ice skater, and chef or food network host.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

362 days remaining

5:00 am

Good morning. Not much to say this morning. I'm just really tired and ready for my three day break. Ok then, ill talk to you soon.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

363 days left

Big event at work coming up on April 9th, cold mill outage. It sucks. We will be working 12 hour days, 7 days a week, for 2 weeks. I'm highly upset about this, but after cooling down and thinking about it I've decided that all that extra overtime money will go towards paying off my car and I'll reach my goal of getting out of there much faster.

8:00 am

Reason #6 for SAH

My job right now is cleanup and labor work. That's right I'm a high paid janitor, approx $20 an hour. Not bad huh? I hate it. I hate this place with a passion. It is a dangerous place to work, you are thankful everyday you walk out that gate with everything in tact. Between 2010 and 2011 I was involved in three accidents, to resulting in an ambulance ride to the ER. Non were found to be my fault, the most serious accident I was rewarded workers comp benefits for life on my knee.

But I digress; back to my cleanup work. You've seen the statement about picking up a piece of poo of the floor, well today I'm going to add to the list.

I'm tired of men not paying attention to the Ladies Cleaning sign, walking right in and dropping their drawers. I hate yelling at the top of your lungs,"HELLO!!" Not hearing a response , walking in to clean and OH there's a naked man standing there.

I'm sick and tired of men not flushing the urinals, oh and better! Putting sunflower seeds or tobacco or gum on the urinal mats.

And lastly for my morning vent. I hate walking into a stall and seeing a nudie magazine laying there! Really? Like WTH? Eww!

I know it seems like lots of complaining but it's so, ugh! Anyway, rant over

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

364 days to go

5:00 am

Another day closer to leaving my crummy job. I know, I know, I should be thankful I have a job. But aren't I entitled to achieving my American Dream? I want to be a Full Time Mommy, is that so crazy? I don't think so. I'm taking this year to prepare for the sacrifices of losing a full income. I'm paying off my Camry, paying on our motorcycle so we can keep our nice things. And hopefully once I'm settled ill find a way to contribute in some way. Of course I think a clean house, supper on the table and happy children would be A welcome site to the chaotic evenings we have right now.

Anyways that's all I have for this morning. I need to prepare for work.

6:00 am

Reason #3 to SAH: there is no way I can work a 40+ hr full time job, get off at 5, pick up my kids, go home and fix dinner, prepare everything for the next morning, and do housework, and get everyone ready for bed by 9pm. And doing this by myself. If I do I have no quality time for anyone.

Now I know that many many many women do this everyday. Lots with partners and quite a few single parent. Power to you all. But I have the ability to stay at home, so why can't I?

This morning for example; my 2mo old and I got up before 5am, so I can nurse and yes blog (one handed on the smartphone). After she ate, I got her changed and dressed. Got myself ready. Packed my husband and my lunch. Started the car to warm it up, started to load the car with diaper bags, my bags for work, and then the baby, and then my sleeping 3 year old, while my dear husband got to sleep in. He only had to worry about himself (yes I'm a little upset) then I had to run to the babysitters, drop off the kids and change one baby that poo'd on her way to the sitters and make it to work before 6:24. Craziness.

Ok morning rant over. And just to reiterate, to you all that do this everyday too without complaining, you ladies and some men, you rock!!!

8:00 am

Reason #4: here I am at work. A place you'll get to know well in the next year, if you can stand me that long. J/k.

I'm on a 4hr continuous Fire watch. I'm a nursing mom, so I will be pumping on the job. Luckily I have my wrap with me and I'm so high up that I shouldn't be bothered. But even if men come up here I have to provide my babies food for tomorrow. On a continuous fire watch, I'm not allowed to leave area at all. Normally 4 hrs isn't bad and this probably won't be either. It's just hot up here and I need to keep the milk supply cold. I have my lunchbox with ice pack in it, so we should be ok.

Also my DH (who works maint at the plant with me) just informed me that we have a plant outage coming up. We will be working 12 hr shifts, 7 days a week until outage is complete. I can't do this. I can't rely on my sitters to watch my babies until the outage is over! I'm in panic mode here and not sure what to do!!

9:00 am

So I pumped in public (covered up), totally forgot that I might have been caught on camera. Anywhoo, as soon as I finished three men showed up on this site within 10 min of each other!

So here we are, my first five reasons that I should Stay at Home with my Girls

#5. I wouldn't have to pump. Not in bathrooms, not in public, not at all

#4: I wouldn't have to worry about 24 hour babysitters until further notice. I wouldn't have to work 12 hr shifts then go home to sleep, 7 days a week

#3: I wouldn't have to worry about 40+ hr work weeks, then chores, then bed. I'd get to just take care of my family, play and all

#2: The only childish behavior I'd have to endure would be my children and occasionally my husband ;). No more stolen crackers or grown man poo on the floor

And #1 reason to SAH: because it's what I want. Enough said

Monday, March 18, 2013

365 days to go

Well here I am. Awake at 4:55 am, getting ready for my first day back at work.  Just thought I'd stop by and say hi really quick before I feed my youngest and then quickly run around to make sure I have everything I need.

I'll probably check in throughout the day to update and say hey. Have a great morning:)

6:30 am

Well here I am at work, waiting on morning meeting to start. I dropped the kids off with minimal issues. Lillian was wide awake and gave me a smile before I left. I'm doing ok. Knowing I just have 10hrs makes it ok.

If there are any stay at home moms checking this out and you have any tips or hints feel free to leave them. Ill take all the help I can get.

9:00 am

Well now I am positive that I want to leave this Man Cave and stay with my girls. I just don't belong here. I belong with the girls, taking care of them, my husband and my house.


Now I know why I want to be a SAHM. The only childish behavior I have to bear are from my children not grown men, SMH. Really you have nothing better to do than steal my afternoon snack of PB crackers. I'm a nursing mother for Pete's sake. I need my snacks. Ok rant over.


Finally the day is over and I can go get my kids and enjoy the evening with a few chores.